Sisyphus Industries

Sisyphus creates museum-quality kinetic art furniture. Our machines work by magnetically pulling a steel ball through sand using a robot. The tracks the ball leaves in the sand field create endlessly changing patterns under a tempered glass table top.

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2019 ︎︎︎ Present


While You’re Alive

This reference book collects and scraps together voices around death positivity, acceptance, and practical awareness. It aims to guide readers to make decisions about their Death while they are alive.

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Fall 2018


Rice Rice

RICE RICE is an institute that aims to inform about rice, rice growing and harvesting practices, and its cultural significance by acting as a directory between several rice organizations.

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Spring 2017


How to Make Everything

How to Make Everything is an Award-Winning Channel that aims to understand the complex process of making simple products that are often taken for granted. With host, Andy George, we travel the world to learn how to make everything.

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2018 ︎︎︎ 2019


The Right Dog for You

The Right Dog For You is a redesign of Daniel F. Tortora’s reference book and guide to finding the perfect dog for you.

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Fall 2017


The Gray

The Gray is a book discussing moral conflict. This book boasts experimental typography and impactful imagery to emmulate moral ambiguity.

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Fall 2016


Personal Work

Illustrations and experimental designs creations crafted from passion.

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2016 ︎︎︎ Present


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