While You’re Alive

FALL 2018

This reference book collects, and scraps together voices around death positivity, acceptance, and practical awareness. It aims to guide readers to make decicions about their Death while they are alive — encouraging us to do vital work, such as writing wills and power of attorney documents, as well as offering information on Death meditation and coping with grief.

While Your Alive explores our relationship with Death in four archs: The legal paperwork (plants), the journey of dying (migrating birds), funeral costs (material rooms and furniture), and grief (storms).

Death is a unique experience for everyone. There is no manual to dying, and there is never a right or wrong path. I only wish that through the words of many you may find your own words to speak your truth about death.

Let’s talk about it.

8.5" x 13" Konica Print on Cream, White, and Yellow Bond Paper Insert. Case Constructed of Book Board, Printed French Paper, and Mulberry Paper.
Book PDF Available Upon Request ︎

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